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Tips for Buying Effect Pedals for Guitars


If you are a guitar player, chances are you would want to take your guitar skills to a higher level all the time. You could shift from acoustic to electric guitars and begin to play more types of music with the instrument. Sometimes, using only one type of guitar limits the only songs you can play. However, today, you can be more flexible with your music, especially that there are already guitar accessories like effect pedals such as best distortion pedal under 100.

Effect pedals enables you to be more creative with your music using only one instrument. There are various kinds of effect pedals in the market today. So you should carefully choose which on to buy. Before your purchase, you need to consider some things to make sure you get the right items you need.

First of all, make sure that you know the basic sound effects for guitars, including distortion, chorus, phase shifter and wah. Each of these effects would need different pedal models. So depending on which effects that you would want choose, you can find specific model for each. The pedals can be bought individually. However, you can also choose to use a multi effects unit to save on your purchases. If you are a beginner in using effect pedals, it would be best to use single pedals first, before you decide to upgrade on a multi-effects unit.

Before paying for the Musical Study pedals, make sure that you take it for a test run. There are various factors affecting the output of the pedal sounds and sometimes it could be a subjective matter, depending on the listener. Consider the setting in which you will be using the pedals. You could be suing pedals for indoor events, live gigs, wide and open venues. It would be best to test them out in those settings.

Always consider the functionality and overall quality of the item. It should be able to produce high quality sound. It should also be easy to use and should not lose grip when you push the pedal while you are playing. Most effect pedals could have dials so see to it that they are accessible and are easy to turn. The indicators should also be easy to read. Check if the power switch is also accessible. There are pedals that come with illuminated faces. If you think that the venue for your gigs could be dark, you may need pedals with a decent lighting in it.


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